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Episode 003 Shelter Systems


Today's show is about shelter systems. We talk about the 3 types of shelters and discuss choosing a shelter location, shelter construction and some shelter building tips and tricks.

The bottom line is have some type of Immediate Action Shelter with you at all times, put it on or construct it before you get wet. Practice your shelter building techniques before you really need use them.

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Episode 002 Gear Systems


In today's episode I talk about the gear systems I use when I go hiking or participate in Search & Rescue missions. Below is my list. I will cover more detailed information of each system in future podcasts.


Systems: Shelter, Water, Fire, Tools, Communications, Signaling, Navigation, Lighting, Clothing, First-aid, Essentials, Cooking, Food, Gear carry, Gear repair, Power management, Riding gear, Sleep system, Backcountry winter travel systems and Personnel hygiene.

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Episode 001 Introducing AS


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