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Episode 010 Lighting Systems



OK, not all lighting is created equal. What I use today is far different than what I used just a few years ago.

Lighting technology has gone crazy. Back in the day, my equipment list read “bring extra bulbs and batteries.” We now know that with Cree technology you may not need to bring the bulb part.

A lot depends on what your outdoor activity is. For me, I backpack and hike, I also work with a volunteer Search and Rescue unit so my lighting needs are quite diverse. Lets take hiking for example, I make sure along with my 10+ essentials I have a good headlamp and/or flashlight in my kit. Even if it's a day hike, having some dependable light source can make a difference in a survival situation. Not only giving you a signaling device, but light you can use to preform tasks as you prioritize your survival situation.

Search and Rescue is another animal in and of itself. Lighting systems are used in different search scenarios. On foot you need a headlamp that is adjustable so you can read maps at a glance and also throw a beam of light far out in front.

Links from today’s show:

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