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Episode 012 Hunters; Are You Ready?



With October rapidly approaching, the forests, hills and woodland areas, commonly call GMU (Game Management Units) here in the lovely State of Washington, will soon be filled with the wily hunter.

Some of these folks will be seasoned veterans of the sport while others will be newbies. Some will be very responsible and file a trip plan with their significant other, while others will just not think it necessary to do so. Some will even take proper gear and clothing, some will not. Others will be as bold to say; “that will never happen to me, I have the proper gear and clothing; you mean I should have tested and trained with it first before I engage in my hunting adventure?”

My search and rescue and wilderness experiences over the last 25 some years have taught me that no one is exempt from Murphy's Law, not even me. So I’m here today to ask hunters this simple question. Are you ready?

Take a look at my systems of survival and then have a look at yours.

Advantage Survival's 16 Systems of Survival

Shelter, WaterFireToolsCommunications & SignalingNavigationLighting,  Clothing,  First-aid & Essentials,  Cooking & Food,  Gear carry & Gear repair,  Power management,  Sleep system,  Personnel hygiene,  Riding gear & Backcountry winter travel system.

Go though your systems of survival and make sure you're ready for the hunt. Your life may depend on it.

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Episode 011 Weber Lighter Cubes

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If you have been listening to my previous podcasts, you know me by now; I’m obsessed with good quality fire starters. Having the ability to construct and maintain a survival fire could mean the difference between life and death.  As technology evolves and new products come on the market, I am always willing to give them a try to see if they will make it into my survival kit.

Weber’s Lighter Cubes may have been on the market for awhile but new to me and today I’m giving them a try.

So what was the attraction? I heard about the cubes while listening to another outdoor podcast. Being the gear freak that I am, I went to my local hardware/BBQ supply store to see what these things were all about. My first impression was Weber? From owning a few of their barbecue grills I know that Weber is synonymous for quality products.

The next thing was the price; $3.29 for 24 cubes. That seemed incredibly inexpensive to me. I’ve spent a lot of money on other fire starters in the past and I didn't get 24 of anything. That said I’m putting the Weber Original Lighter Cubes through an at-home test before I take them into the wilderness. If they pass the wilderness test there may be room in my backpack and/or survival kit.

So I hope you enjoy my first look at the Weber Original Lighter Cubes. And before you head out on your next adventure ask yourself this question: Are you ready?

Weber Lighter Cubes