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Episode 014 Survival Kit / EDC



Don’t be the guy that I read about in the news and Tweet about. That guy who went into the backcountry without being remotely prepared. It’s always important to take some SOS or Systems of Survival with you. You can research the “10 essentials” and take that or go the extra mile and research the area that you’re heading into and prepare a little more. For example, if you're heading into snow country you may want to consider adding sunglasses and sun screen or in a desert environment an extra water carry system.

There is a saying in survival that one is none and two is one. Having redundant backup systems of survival is not necessarily a bad thing. In today’s show I take you through a brief description of my Survival Kit/EDC (Every Day Carry) systems of survival that I consider important in my environments. I carry these systems on my body so there is no mistake that I will have them available if a survival situation presents itself. I also have extra systems in my main backpack if I need them or someone with me needs them.  With my Search and Rescue responsibilities that is always a factor I need to be prepared for. That said, my pack weight may increase. A small price to pay for living another day.

So let’s take a look at the list of systems I have in my Survival Kit/EDC.

Gear Carry System: Kelty Sling Bag. 250 cu. in. Chest Pack. (This pack has a concealed carry feature; very nice)

Shelter System: 55 gal. Plastic Drum Liner or poncho.

Water System: McNett Aquamira Frontier Pro filter system with extra pre-filters and a 1 liter Platypus Water Bottle.

Fire System: A hybrid version of my Advantage Survival PacFire Fire Kit. Contents include Fatwood Sticks, Fatwood Shavings, Foil Hearth, Fire Steel and Striker, 1 Tampon, 1 Bic lighter, 1 UST’s Wetfire Cube and 4 Tinder-Quik Tabs.

Tool Systems: Silky Super Accel Z1 Folding Saw with 210 mm blade and a ESEE Izula Fixed Blade Knife.

Communication and Signaling System: Spot Satellite Messenger, Cell Phone, Storm Whistle, Signal Mirror (from my compass), Strobe (a function on my flashlight), Light My Fire Fire Steel “Army” version (sparks at night to signal rescue), 1 Chem Light Stick (Used on a 5’ piece of paracord, swing around your head at night in a circular motion to attract rescuers)

Navigation System: Compass with mirror, Map of Area and an optional Garmen 60csx GPS unit. (Keep map in a Ziploc bag or waterproof map case)

Lighting System: Fenix LD 20 LED 180 Lumen Flashlight with white dome for a lantern effect and One 12 hour Light Stick

Power Management System: 4 AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries

First Aid System: Small first aid kit with bandages and over the counter meds. (Stock it for your skill level)

Personnel Hygiene System: Toilet Paper and hand sanitizer  (Items can be used for fire starter, a redundant system)

Optional Gear Item Considerations: Bug Spray, Duct Tape, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, 50’ of Bank Line Cordage or 20’ of Paracord, Pencil and Waterproof Note Paper, 3 sf of Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, Fishing Kit, Snare Kit, Adventure Medical Kits’ Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy, Energizer XP4001 Universal Rechargeable Power Pack for your Cell Phone or your companions. (Planning is key to what you might add to your survival kit or EDC)

This is a list that you can expand on or delete from, but the key is you have something for each System of Survival that works for you. As you know the “10 Essentials” have come a long way however 10 is not enough for me. The fact that you are reading this post and listening to the podcast shows that you are smarter than your average Poo Bear. You already have the advantage!

On a side note, one of the bonuses of my SOS is that you can use the gear in an urban environment. Keep the kit close to you. You’ll never know when we might have a natural or man made disaster that will call upon your survival skill set, test your resolve and your SOS. Are you Ready?

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