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Surviving A Day Hike All Night


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“Nothing bad ever happens to me…” Have the ability to spend an unexpected night or two in the wild if something goes wrong on your day hike or other outdoor adventure. Do this by establishing your Systems of Survival. Use this book as a guide to help you get prepared.

Let someone know before you go! After 25 years of Search and Rescue volunteer service in Pierce County, Washington. I know how important having good information on a Search and Rescue mission can be. Reflecting back on the hundreds of missions, many of which I was the Operations Leader (OL) for my Group, I know how having accurate information plays an important roll in a successful Search and Rescue operation.

I’m on a mission to bring awareness to wilderness and backcountry travelers that being “alone” may cost you your life. I’m not talking about being a solo adventurer here. I’m talking about letting a responsible, trusted person know when and where you’re going and when you will return. So, if you don’t return, they can call the authorities and report you overdue. In addition, taking items with you that can help save your life. At least then you’ll have a chance at survival and rescue.

Realize that a Search and Rescue mission is an emergency and time is of the essence. I know from experience that driving for hours and hours just trying to locate a vehicle of a overdue hiker so Search and Rescue has a Point-Last-Seen (PLS) is an incredible tragedy when you could have conveyed in writing to that “responsible person” which trailhead you parked your vehicle at. Search and Rescue could have spent those hours searching for you, not your vehicle. That sucks if you or a loved-one is injured and needs medical aid. As a former Search and Rescue volunteer I have participated in this exercise of insanity many times. These stories of Search and Rescue are either going to have happy endings or sad endings. How do you want your adventure story to end?

Do yourself and Search and Rescue responders this service; take a few minutes to fill out a Wilderness Trip Plan Form. If not my form, then someone’s form and leave it with someone you trust. Your life may depend on it. Attach a copy of the map you’re going to use with your route highlighted. These simple steps can shave hours, even days off your potential rescue. Have the “Advantage” of “Survival” be safe and be prepared. Know that you can survive a day hike all night.