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Episode 23 Fire -My Practical Guide



Have you ever been lost in the wilderness?

Have you ever been lost in the wilderness at night?

Have you ever been lost in the wilderness at night in the rain and with cold temperatures?

Have you spend an unexpected night in the great outdoors in those conditions?

Did you have a shelter and did you have a "sustainable" survival fire?

When do you need a fire?

Are you skilled at crafting a fire?

What kind of tools do you need to craft an emergency survival fire?

What kind of supplies do you need to craft a sustainable survival fire?

Is fire craft a perishable skill? Is it uses it or lose it? I think it is.

You've got to practice fire craft in controlled conditions that you're going to be in.

Now I'm not going to lecture you here but... Carry some damn gear with you when you go out, will ya? And read my eBook. Enough said.


I can guaranty you that my fire kit is bigger than an Altoids tin…

TOOLS (Buy the best you can afford. Just my opinion)

Knife (Bad Ass Type, EESE 5)

Folding Saw (Silky)

Lighter (TIP: Zip tie the button)

Fire Steel

Waterproof Windproof Matches

Aluminum foil


Cotton balls impregnated with petroleum jelly


Wet Fire (UST), TinderQuik Tabs, Weber BBQ Starter Cubes.


YOUR FIRE KIT You should always carry one when away from normal Systems of Survival.


Find a safe place to construct your fire; Safe from environmental hazards around you as well as a safe place to construct a survival fire.

Make sure you have enough time in the day to collect wood while you still have daylight.

Clear the area, gets down to bare earth if you can. We'll talk about techniques of building a fire on snow later.

If it's raining or going to, erect a temporary tarp shelter over your fire pit area to keep it dry while you collect wood. As crazy as it seems I've seen people use umbrellas to cover their fire pit while they go out to collect the materials they need.

Determine how long you plan to spend at that location.

Using your folding saw, collect the appropriate amount of wood that you will need. Remember you will always need more than you think you need. Store the wood under your tarp to keep it dry.

Use your knife to process the wood. Process the wood into 3 sizes:

Tinder (extra for morning)


Fuel size pieces, "Split" Always split.

In addition to oxygen and fuel, fire likes to climb. Fire likes edges. So think like fire and give it what it wants.

After acquiring all your materials and working under your shelter, start the fire construction possess.


1. Build the hearth

2. Lay the foil

3. Place the tinder

4. Lay the kindling

5. Light the tinder

6. Captivate the heat

7. Encourage the climb; give it air

8. Gently give it fuel

9. Feed the flames

10. Sustain the beast



Be safe! Only construct a fire when it is safe and legal to do so. In life threatening scenarios… use common and reasonable sense.


Once your fire is established, move your temporary tarp or shelter away from the fire so you don’t die of smoke inhalation. Firm grasp of the obvious but I need to say it…


Keep extra fuel wood under cover or “safely” dry it around the fire if wet conditions exist.


You need to practice you skills often to stay sharp. Your life may depend on it.

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