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Episode 32 Survival Food



Show Notes:

It’s all about survival food today on ASP. What’s in your pantry? Today I’m giving you a sneak peak of some of the techniques and products I use in my survival food storage systems. I hope the information in this show helps you figure out and improve your survival food preps. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the show.

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Oregon Freeze Dry


Got Water?

Gamma Lids

Excalibur Food Dehydrators

Wise Foods

Food Rotation Systems

FoodSaver® What I use.

Episode 20 Building Your Lights Out Kit

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Episode 31 Stoves for the Wild and Beyond



Show Notes

In today’s show I cover 6 stoves that I use for my wilderness and urban prepping needs. All of the stoves I have purchased myself and as of the air-date of this episode, I have not received any compensation from the manufactures. My hope is this episode helps you figure out what stove will work best for you in your journey to the advantage of survival.


MSR® PocketRocket™

MSR® MicroRocket™

Solo Stove

White Box Stove

Fancee Feest Stove

GasOne GS-3000 Portable Gas Stove

SilverFire Survivor Rocket Stove

MSR® IsoPro™

HEET® (In the yellow Bottle)

UST WetFire™

Episode 20 Building Your Lights Out Kit

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Episode 30 MTTA Ski Patrol


Tony Abruzzo (Ski Patrol Director, MTTA VP), Ellie Healy (Treasurer, MTTA), Les Baker (ASP)
Bob Myrick (President MTTA), Dave Stonington (MTTA Board)


Show Notes:

Today we take you to the Mount Tahoma Trails Association (MTTA) office in Ashford Washington, just west of the Longmire entrance to Mount Rainier National Park to meet with Tony Abruzzo and Dave Stonington. Tony and Dave along with many other dedicated volunteers, help manage an incredible volunteer organization that oversees North America's largest No Fee Hut-to-Hut Trail System. Join us as we talk about the Ski Patrol, Huts, Trail System and how you can help out. 


Mount Tahoma Trails Association (MTTA)

MTTA on Facebook

Email: Tony Abruzzo

Email: Dave Stonington

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Episode 29 John D. McCann Interview


Photo Provided by John McCann

Show Notes:

The ASP would like to welcome John D. McCann to the show today. John is an accomplished author of several books. He is the Managing Director and founder of Survival Resources™ He joins us to talk about his very successful books, his veteran owned company along with topics that cover survival, self-reliance, bugging out and much more. Please give a warm welcome to Mr. John D. McCann.


Survival Resources™



John D. McCann’s Personal Blog


Sillcock Key Video

Fire Blowing Tube Video

Email John’s wife Denise for Wilderness Survival questions for women:

Email John at:

Episode 28 Survival Knives


Show Notes:

Warning: This is not a knife review show.

We are talking Survival and EDC knives today on the Advantage Survival Podcast. I walk you through my philosophy of use for 2 types of knife categories and the 4 knives that I use the most.


KA_BAR Large Heavy Bowie
Victorinox Swiss Army Dual Pro X Knife
Columbia River Knife and Tool 2850 Bez Tine Skinner Fixed Blade Hunting Knife
KA BAR Becker Campanion
AS Gear Shop

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