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Episode 36 Fire Starting Kits



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Show Notes

A Fire Starting Kit is one of the most personal items you can create for your own Survival Kit. I’m going to talk about my Fire Starting Kit or Survival Fire Kit and what I keep inside. What I use in my kit is based on my environment or environments I recreate in. I think it’s important to keep in mind as you create the kit that best works for you, that you make it very user friendly. After all teaching someone how to make a bow drill in a survival situation while your hands are broken could be challenging. Have the advantage of fire on demand. Keep a kit with you!

Links Fire Making Products


Captivate The Heat

Episode 23 Fire - My Practical Guide


Silky Saw

Silky PocketBoy

Just a good book: To Build a Fire by Jack London

Episode 35 Lost Art of Wilderness Navigation



Show Notes:

In this week’s show I talk about why I think wilderness navigation is a lost art. I also talk about some of the search and rescue training I was involved in and how that plays a role in the lost art of wilderness navigation. My hope is that you do not let the skills fall to the ways of technology. Keep the fire burning and learn while you still can.


Brunton TruArc 15

Brunton TruArc 20

Suunto MC-2/360

Silva Ranger 75

Oregon 650t GPS

Surviving A Day Hike All Night

Back Country Navigator App

iHikeGPS App

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Episode 34 Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy Interview



Show Notes:
Joe Alton, M.D. “Dr. Bones” and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P. “Nurse Amy” from Survival Medicine join us on the Advantage Survival Podcast today. We have a fun and informative conversation covering some pretty hot topics. From their main mission objective to their Podcast, the incredible resource that is, The Survival Medicine Handbook, Ebola, the flu shot, Doom And Bloom Survival and so much more. So please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy.

Survival Medicine

The Survival Medicine Handbook

The Ebola Survival Handbook

Doom and Bloom Survival Board Game





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Episode 33 Take 2



Show Notes:
This show is Take II for the day. Sorry about having to pull the earlier show but it was for the best. Grab that cup of coffee and enjoy the show.

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