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Episode 40 Sawyer Interview with Patrick Hurst




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Show Notes

Part of what makes the Advantage Survival Podcast one of your survival resources, is that I try and bring information, products and technologies that will help you gain the advantage of survival in all your life adventures. Today, I bring you an interview with Patrick Hurst from Sawyer, Sawyer is one of the incredible companies out there that is making a difference and saving lives around the world.

Patrick explains Sawyer’s product offerings and the technologies behind the products that make them so attractive to outdoor and survival minded people. When I started researching a more reliable replacement for my pump-type water filtration system in my Water System of Survival I soon discovered the Sawyer Squeeze. I purchased my first unit and gave it a backcountry run for its money. After owning several water filtration units from many different manufacturers I soon made the Sawyer Squeeze and Sawyer Mini my main “go to” filters in all my backpacks, Get Home Bags and it is certainly a travel companion in my carryon bag.

In addition, when I was doing my research on water filtration I didn’t anticipate the depth of other lifesaving products Sawyer had to offer; from Insect Repellents, Sunscreens, to a diverse collection of First Aid Kits and supplies. 

We talk about that and much more with Patrick Hurst from Sawyer. Please enjoy the show and don’t forget to check out all the products and information available at


Water Filtration

Insect Repellents


First Aid

Sawyer U

Sawyer Ambassadors

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Episode 39 Rob Hanus Interview



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Show Notes

I have an excellent show for you today. I’m talking with Rob Hanus from The Preparedness Podcast, I discovered Rob’s show a few months back and after downloading it, I was hooked. Now I’m filling up my phone with hundreds of episodes as I catch up and consume the shows as fast as I can. If you want a “real” common sense podcast about preparedness then I highly recommend his show.

That’s only the start of the amazing things Rob has going on. We talk about his books “The Preparedness Capability Checklist” and “Surviving EMP” along with his very popular daily -Prepper News Watch. Oh and did I mention CCRET? (Center for Community Resilience Education & Training) You need to tune in to get the skinny on that amazing project. So join me today in welcoming Rob Hanus to the Advantage Survival Podcast.


The Preparedness Podcast

The Preparedness Capability Checklist

Surviving EMP

Prepper News Watch

CCRET (Center for Community Resilience Education & Training)

One Second After

Episode 38 EDC Everyday Carry



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Show Notes

I often think there is some confusion when it comes to what makes up an EDC or (Everyday Carry.) Today I go over some of the Items I carry with me on a daily basis and my philosophy of use. Keep in mind that this is my EDC and is dynamic as my situation evolves. I hope this episode helps you build and carry items that help improve your life adventures.


Glock 26

VanGuard 2 Holster

Wallet: Alaska Bear

Cell Phone: Samsung Galaxy S5 Active


Knife: Victorinox Swiss Army Dual Pro X Knife

Light: Olight I3s

Fire: Spark-Lite Fire Starter and 1 Tinder-Quik Tab & Credit Card size Fresnel Magnifier (For extra glasses)

USB Drive: Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth USB 3.0 128GB USB Drive

Prescription Eyewear

Episode 37 Headlamps Own the Night


Olight H15 Wave S

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Show Notes

If you’re going out to play after dark then you need to own the night. Get your headlamp on! I’m not talking night vision gear here, although that would be another incredible way to own the night. For us mere mortal budget-conscious individuals headlamps will have to do and my new pick is the Olight H15 Wave S.

In today’s show I discuss my philosophy on headlamps and why I think you need a few in your Survival Kits and Get Home Bags. Oh I forgot to add this little tip in the show so here’s an exclusive for you: This is an old search and rescue hack that can help improve your nighttime headlamp capabilities. Wear the headlamp upside-down and around your neck while hiking at night in foggy conditions. Just like dimming your high beams in an automobile driving in similar condition, you will see further and better. You can even attach the headlamp to your packs hip belt. Upside-down lets you adjust the head up as needed for distance. Just say’n…


Olight H15 Wave S

Headlamps at the (my Amazon affiliate site)