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October 20, 2014  
October 16, 2014  

Obola Sucks!

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February 4, 2014  

One of the most important things in a survival situation is drinking water. Having the ability to provide clean drinking water when you need it is life saving. We only need to look at the typhoon that went through the Philippines or the recent hurricanes, or any earthquake that's happened around the world. Disease sickness abounds when you don't have clean drinking water. Have some systems in place to manage your drinking water. I have two Sawyer Squeeze water filter systems that are very mobile and I can use them around the house as well. I also have a Big Berkey water filter system sitting on my counter that I use every single day. I also have backup water systems like bottled water, chlorine dioxide drops and if I need to, I can always boil it. I will continue to research better water purification systems and look for ways to improve my survival situation. 

The average American uses around 100 to 150 gallons of water every day, from drinking to taking a shower, washing your hands, washing dishes, flushing the toilet and so on. When we drill down to what humans really need to survive each day it amounts to about 1 to 2 gallons. Of course it depends on your physical activity, the climate you're in and in what part of the world you live in, the amount of cooking and how you're cooking, makes a big difference. My point here is, you need a lot of water not just for you but for your family, friends, neighbors. Please have your act together here it's truly an important survival skill to be able to provide clean drinking water. Another thing I want to point out is that I have a lot of redundant systems to pull from. I like to have a lot of different tools in my toolbox to help me deal with different situations or scenarios that may come up. I want to have the advantage and I want to have the advantage to use a different water purification systems to help me no matter where I am. Take the time to reflect on all the different water sources that you have available to you right now. Look around, depending on your climate in your specific situation you may have other water sources like an underground spring or well or a cistern and that will help you collect save and purified water.

January 18, 2014  

In today show, I’m going to walk you through the items that are in my Lights Out Kit in hopes that this will help you build your Lights Out Kit or improve your kit and mine so we can be better prepared. This episode is about Chapter 3 of the new e-book that I'm writing called “Prepping A Guide For The Newly Awakened”. I talk about some of the basic items you should have in your Lights Out Kit or Emergency Preparedness Kit. 

From purifying water to charging your cell phone I think we cover a lot of the information you need to know to be prepared. 


On Top Of The Kit  -Lists & Instructions

List Kit Inventory List

Location of Items List

Generator Setup Instructions

Other Kit Item Instructions

Survival Books

Safe Drinking Water 
5 Cases Of Bottled Water
Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System
Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Kit
5 Gallon Water Jug Hand Pump
4 Way Sillcock Water Key
Sawyer Point Two Purifier Bucket System

Food and Cooking

Mountain House Meals 

Coffee & Tea

Assorted Spices

Salt & Sugar

Hard Candy

Backpacking Stove, MSR Micro Rocket

6 Extra Stove Fuel Canisters

Wood Burning Backpacking Stove, Solo Stove

Backpacking Cooking Pot

Coffee Peculator 

Hand Crank Can Opener 

Wine Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener

Hand Sanitizer 

Paper Bowels and Cups

Plastic Utensils / Camping Utensils

Paper Towels

Unscented Baby Whips

Cook Books & Recipes 

Operational Security and Safety 

50 Rounds of Ammunition

Extra Mags 

50  Shotgun Shells

Pepper Spray

Pocket Knifes/Multi Tools

Leather Work Gloves

Safety Glasses

N95 Particle/Dust Masks Respirators

Ear Plugs

First Aid and Medicine 

First Aid Kit (Large)

Over the Counter Medications Kit

Anti Dyareal Medication 

Oral Rehydration Solution

Family Prescriptions Drug Kit

Extra Eyeglasses 

Bug Spray


Hand Sanitizer

Cash, Documents and Contacts

Document Retention Security and Storage Plan

Document Location Plan

The Physical Document Package

Encrypted Flash Drives and Hardrives 

Offsite Electronic Storage Information

Safety Deposit Box Information

Basic List of Information You Should Keep

Family “What To Grab List”

$1,000 or more of Cash (In Small Denominations)

Small Amount of Silver Coins and Fractional Gold if you Wish

Quality Road Maps of your cites, state and the US. (I use the Washington State Atlas & Gazetteer.)

Home Owner Insurance Policy

Life Insurance Policies

Vehicle Insurance Policies

Home Inventory Lists, Photo and Video Inventory Files

Birth Certificates and Social Security Cards

Immunization Records

Military Records

Family Medical Documents

Academic Documents

Banking Information

Copies of Credit Cards Front and Back

Investment Information 

Precious Metals Investment Information

Business Interests Information

Tax Return Documents

Bill & Debts Paying Responsibilities List with Account Numbers and Institution Contact Info 

Legal Documents such as Updated Will, Divorce Decrees, Family Legal History Docs Etc

Titles, Automobiles, Home, other Equipment and Recreational Items

Licenses, Passports

List of your Prescription Medications

Copies of Phone & Family’s Contact Lists

Internet and App Usernames and Passwords

Treasured Family Photographs

Shelter and Clothing  

6 Person Family Tent

20’ x 20’ Tarp

200’ of Paracord

100’ of 9mm Rope

Heavy Duty Tent Stakes

Extra Set of Clothing For Each Family Member


Head Lamp

2 Flashlights

5 Emergency Candles 

Power, Heat, Cooling and Energy

Honda Generator
Extra Fuel and Oil For Generator
Extension Cords and Plug Supplies For Generator 
Generator Hookup Instructions & Owners Manual 
Portable Electric Heater

Small Air Conditioner 

800w Inverter 

Fire Kit

Cigarette lighters

Fire steel




Charging Solutions

AA & AAA Batteries & Smart Chargers
Solar Panel Charger 

Communications & Signaling 

FRS/GMRS Handheld Radios

FRS/GMRS Handcrank Radio

Sat Phone

Spot Connect

Corded Wall Phone

HAM Radio


CB Radio

Personal Hygien 

Individual Hygiene Kits

Camping Shampoo


Solar Shower Kit

Nail & Hair Cutting Kits

Shaving Kit, Girls & Boys

Tubs Baby Wips

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Soap

Tooth Brushes

Dental Floss


Feminine Protection Items


Inside The Toilet Bucket

5 Gallon Bucket & Toilet Seat

3 Rolls of Toilet Paper

3 / 1 Gallon Ziplock Freezer Bags

2 Tubs of Costco Wips (120)

1 Hand Sanitizer

1 Box Exam Gloves (100 pair)

60 Kitchen Type Trash Bags

3 Rolls of Toilet Paper

Zip Ties

Small Pocket Knife

Inside The Tote

12 Rolls of Toilet Paper

2 Tubs of Baby Wips

1 Lysol 1 Lysol Wipes

1 Hand Soap /Dish Soap

1 Box Large Exam Gloves

60 Kitchen Trash Bags 

20 / 39 Gallon Leaf Bags

Jug of Bleach

Dog Poo BagWipes

1 Hand Soap /Dish Soap

1 Box Large Exam Gloves

60 Kitchen Trash Bags 

20 / 39 Gallon Leaf Bags

Jug of Bleach

Dog Poo Bag

Sleep Systems

Blizzard Survival Jackets

Blizzard Survival Sleeping Bags

Readable Sleeping Pads

Tools and Hardware 

Pry Bar
Large Knife
Assorted Tool Kit (Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Socket Set)
Small Shovel
Bolt Cutters – Small

Hardware Supplies
Duct Tape

Emergency Procedures 

This is a packet with all your Emergency Procedure Plans

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January 10, 2014  

In today's episode we talk about realizing your prepping priorities. If you're like most people, starting to prep can be overwhelming. I'm walking you through the chapters of my new e-book "Prepping For The Newly Awakened". My hope is to share my path to prepping with you so that you can figure out the type of prepping you need to do in your everyday life to improve your situation if there is a disaster, an event or if there's not. This new e-book is a work in progress so if you have comments, a better title or anything else you'd like me to add please let me know. 

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January 7, 2014  

In today's episode we cover my path to prepping, from wilderness survival to urban survival. We also discuss Survival Selfishness and what that means to me and what it should mean to you. The following is a quote that will be in my new e-book and it answers the question, why I prep.

“I don’t want my family or myself to be at the mercy of any catastrophe nor any person or government. I want my family to survive and thrive in an increasingly manic world.

I prepare to have the advantage of survival in any life scenario.”

Show Notes:

Surviving A Day Hike All Night

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April 2, 2013  


Checkout my new eBook Surviving A Day Hike All Night

ONLY  $5.99

“Nothing bad ever happens to me…” Have the ability to spend an unexpected night or two in the wild if something goes wrong on your day hike or other outdoor adventure. Do this by establishing your Systems of Survival. Use this book as a guide to help you get prepared.

Let someone know before you go! After 25 years of Search and Rescue volunteer service in Pierce County, Washington. I know how important having good information on a Search and Rescue mission can be. Reflecting back on the hundreds of missions, many of which I was the Operations Leader (OL) for my Group, I know how having accurate information plays an important roll in a successful Search and Rescue operation.

I’m on a mission to bring awareness to wilderness and backcountry travelers that being “alone” may cost you your life. I’m not talking about being a solo adventurer here. I’m talking about letting a responsible, trusted person know when and where you’re going and when you will return. So, if you don’t return, they can call the authorities and report you overdue. In addition, taking items with you that can help save your life. At least then you’ll have a chance at survival and rescue.

Realize that a Search and Rescue mission is an emergency and time is of the essence. I know from experience that driving for hours and hours just trying to locate a vehicle of a overdue hiker so Search and Rescue has a Point-Last-Seen (PLS) is an incredible tragedy when you could have conveyed in writing to that “responsible person” which trailhead you parked your vehicle at. Search and Rescue could have spent those hours searching for you, not your vehicle. That sucks if you or a loved-one is injured and needs medical aid. As a former Search and Rescue volunteer I have participated in this exercise of insanity many times. These stories of Search and Rescue are either going to have happy endings or sad endings. How do you want your adventure story to end?

Do yourself and Search and Rescue responders this service; take a few minutes to fill out a Wilderness Trip Plan Form. If not my form, then someone’s form and leave it with someone you trust. Your life may depend on it. Attach a copy of the map you’re going to use with your route highlighted. These simple steps can shave hours, even days off your potential rescue. Have the “Advantage” of “Survival” be safe and be prepared. Know that you can survive a day hike all night.

February 28, 2013  

Out for at day trip to test the new harness for pulling the pulk sled. I'm also cooking lunch using my Solo Survival Stove. The trip starts out with a oversight on my part. This small malfunction turned my leisurely snowshoe trip into a hill climb that I did not plan on.

February 19, 2013  
February 19, 2013  

Out on a day-trip snowshoe adventure with Marc and some Moose Drool. Sometimes you got to go out and have some fun. I carried a pretty heavy load on the pulk and I did that on purpose. I would never carry firewood in most cases but this time I wanted to loaded up and have some dry wood for a nice fire. Moose Drool taste best next to a fire. And I would like to think Big Sky Brewing for the delicious beer. I would also like to note that they did not pay me to say that.

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