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Episode 015 Backcountry Wildeness Trip Planning

March 20, 2011


Taking a few extra steps before you head out on your next outdoor adventure could mean the difference between you making it home to your family and friends alive, or not. Developing a work-flow for preparing is a simple and rewarding task that will not only leave you prepared, but will give you the additional confidence in knowing you’ve done the right things to prepare. It will also familiarize you with your gear if you haven't been using it lately.

Another benefit to trip planning is providing your family and friends with a level of comfort knowing you’ve planned well for your next adventure.

In today's show I discuss my work-flow for preparing to start a wilderness adventure. I’ll reflect on some past search and rescue missions as well as reviewing my Systems of Survival. I also express the importance of filing a trip plan with a responsible person.

From updating your Spot profile to managing your GPS and car keys, everyone should take something away from today's Advantage Survival Podcast. And don't forget to check the weather and avalanche conditions before you head out.


File a Trip Plan

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