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Episode 37 Headlamps Own the Night

February 4, 2015

Olight H15 Wave S

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Show Notes

If you’re going out to play after dark then you need to own the night. Get your headlamp on! I’m not talking night vision gear here, although that would be another incredible way to own the night. For us mere mortal budget-conscious individuals headlamps will have to do and my new pick is the Olight H15 Wave S.

In today’s show I discuss my philosophy on headlamps and why I think you need a few in your Survival Kits and Get Home Bags. Oh I forgot to add this little tip in the show so here’s an exclusive for you: This is an old search and rescue hack that can help improve your nighttime headlamp capabilities. Wear the headlamp upside-down and around your neck while hiking at night in foggy conditions. Just like dimming your high beams in an automobile driving in similar condition, you will see further and better. You can even attach the headlamp to your packs hip belt. Upside-down lets you adjust the head up as needed for distance. Just say’n…


Olight H15 Wave S

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