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Episode 43 Wilderness Adventure Planning

March 18, 2015


This subject may be way too detailed for most people but if you’re looking to have the advantage of survival then being prepared can only be a step in the right direction. I realize people like to be spontaneous and I do too. Just know you can do a little preplanning in a “global” manor such as preparing and using a “common” survival kit (See Episode 41) that travels where you do. One that can be merged with your adventure specific equipment you plan to use. That small step alone may keep your next adventure spontaneous.  Take the kit; toss it in your pack and go. Now don’t you feel better knowing you did something to improve a survival situation if it shows its face on your next adventure?

I want to enlist your help on this. I’m looking to create a master list for adventure planning that I can provide to help you and me plan our next wilderness adventures. So please share any ideas or topics you think would be good to include in that list. Thank you and enjoy Episode 43 Wilderness Adventure Planning.

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The Adventure Plan Phase

  • You get a bur in your bum to go play outside.
  • Now what?
  • Where and what are you doing?

Research Phase

  • Need to get some info on the area you’re heading into.
  • Who owns or manages the land?
  • Who has legal jurisdiction?
  • If hunting, get the hunting regulations and locate the Game Management Units (GMU) you’ll be hunting in?
  • Have a plan “B”
  • Acquire local phone numbers and information on: Law Enforcement, Forest Service, Park Service and Tow Truck Service, AAA.
  • Get printed topographical maps of the area.
  • If you are a HAM get the latest repeater information.
  • Get the NOAA weather frequencies for the area. FRS/GMRS Radios.
  • Acquire any permits, passes…
  • Get the pertinent information about the people you are going with, Names, Cell & Home phone numbers and Emergency contact inf.

  • Get your hunting License, Tags Stamps…
  • Download my Wilderness Trip Plan Form and start working on it

Pre-flight Check List Phase

  • Start a System of Survival check list or SOS list
  • Adventure Specific List
  • Hunting Trip
  • Firearms Needed
  • Ammunition Needed
  • Cross-country Skiing
  • Insert your next adventure here:

The Need to Buy Stuff List Phase

  • Backpacking food
  • Boots

Risk Assessment and Planning Phase

  • What could go wrong?
  • Gunshot Wound
  • Mechanical Injury to you or a member of your party
  • You or someone becomes sick
  • Vehicle malfunction 
  • Unexpected weather conditions
  • An emergency at home? How would you know? Do you have a way to get back home?

Equipment/Gear Testing Phase

  • If you bought it you need to test it.
  • Get it out of the packaging and run the gear through its paces. Yes, read the instructions
  • You may need to spend a night or two camping in your backyard

Packing or Pack It Phase

  • This is the time you work out the bugs
  • See if it all fits in the pack you want to take

Share the Love Phase

  • Tell your trip partner(s) what you’re level of training is and the survival gear you have with you

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